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1st Credit gain 3* Exceptional IIC Award

1st Credit the award winning UK based debt purchase and collection company has gained our 3*  ‘exceptional’ award.  In their first assessment they performed well in all 16 categories and, in doing so, achieved the maximum three star award – a mark attained by less than twelve per cent of companies undergoing a first-time assessment

IIC results showed that customers praised 1st Credit for their effective and personal service, pointing out how the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  As one customer acknowledged: “My overall experience has been painless and positive – something that has been missing from dealing with other companies. When my circumstances have changed (even temporarily), the company has always changed plans to work with me in a beneficial manner, meaning that overall I do not have to panic about my situation as I am confident that 1st Credit will treat me fairly”.

Another observed that “After avoiding various debt collectors for years, I finally faced my problems and contacted 1st Credit after they’d had numerous unsuccessful attempts at contacting me and found they were friendly and happy to help me resolve the situation I’d found myself in leaving me wondering why I’d worried about contacting them in the first place”.

Customers also commented that 1st Credit staff are empathetic, sincere and genuinely try to help them in a fair, professional and non-judgmental manner.  Similarly, 1st Credit staff recognised the importance of the role they play as individuals in making sure that their customers problems were reviewed and managed in a firm but friendly way.

Neil Craig, Managing Director of IIC, commented:  “In a highly sensitive market like debt collection you have to be open and honest and gain the respect of the people you are trying to help.  In doing so in a calm and professional way it is possible to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time – whilst continuing to look for improvements every year.  There is no doubt that 1st Credit is fully deserving of our highest award as their scores at all levels were truly remarkable”

Eddie Nott, CEO of 1st Credit, added:  “We are delighted that the independent IIC assessment has proved that we are in tune with the needs of the market and that all our staff ensure that every one of our customers is treated as an individual from the minute they contact us to the moment they become debt free”.

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