Frequently Asked Questions

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I am looking to sell debt, who should I speak to?

We have a dedicated client services department who can assist you in this process. Please call Ian Davies today on 01737 228337 or email him at 

When were you established?

We have been established since 2001.

How much debt have you bought since then?

Since 2002 the business has invested £400 million in almost 600 portfolios.

What types of debt do you buy and collect?

We buy defaulted unsecured consumer debt portfolios including credit cards, overdrafts, loans, telecom, utility and retail debt.

How are you funded?

We are funded by a syndicate of senior funders, mezzanine and private equity. This financial support enables us to develop the business and relationships with our clients.

Do you hold FCA permission to trade?

1st Credit Ltd has permission to trade from the FCA. Debts are purchased by 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd. There is no requirement for this company to hold an independent FCA Licence as an inter-company arrangement exists whereby all contact with customers is facilitated by 1st Credit Ltd.

Are you members of the CSA?

Yes, we are an active contributor to the CSA and continually look to lead compliance standards within our industry.

Do you hold a Data Protection licence?

Yes our licence number is Z7130188.
  • Winner of Best Conduct and Compliance Culture 2016
  • Winner of Best Customer Service 2016
  • Investor in customers

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