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Established in 2001, 1st Credit is one of the UK’s most experienced and ethical debt purchase businesses. It has handled accounts for more than 7 million customers, and debt with a face value of nearly £6bn.

We focus on financial services debt, holding a place on all major financial services panels and buying from all major banks in 2014. We have also increased our forward flow business.

Winner of Compliance Team of the Year for the last five years, we scored top marks in the Credit Services Association’s Collector Accreditation Initiative and won a coveted Customer Experience Award in 2014. We are the only debt purchaser to have achieved the Gold rating from Investor in Customers for the last four years.

Our clients’ trust is built on this track record. Treating customers sympathetically and fairly is an integral aspect of our business, resulting in low payment break rates and an 85% customer satisfaction score. We undertake 97% of our collection in-house, using leading trace and litigation capabilities as well as our state-of-the-art technology system CreditSolve.

Our accuracy rate in predicting collections has been in excess of 99% over the last seven years and we have strong analytical capabilities. Our dynamic account strategy shows a clear link between activity and collections, using intelligent account prioritisation.

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For more information please see our Business FAQs or contact Ian Davies on 01737 228337 to discuss your debt sale requirements.

Our Strengths

  • Winner of Best Conduct and Compliance Culture 2016
  • Winner of Best Customer Service 2016
  • Investor in customers
  • Investor in customers

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