Customer Testimonials

We understand that you may be worried about contacting us and that dealing with your debts can be difficult and emotional. Many of our customers tell us they wished they had called sooner. Please call us on 01737 237370. We are here to help you reach your debt free day.

My overall experience has been painless and positive – something that has been missing from dealing with other companies. When my circumstances have changed (even temporarily), the company has always changed plans to work with me in a beneficial manner, meaning that overall I do not have to panic about my situation as I am confident that 1st Credit will treat me fairly.

I feel I can talk openly and honestly to the company and they do not make me feel ashamed about the situation.

I have had a few problems of my own and the staff who I have spoken to are always ready to listen and try their best as to how we move forward with my account.


I don't get hassle from 1st Credit, they listen, if I've had a problem they help to get it resolved.

After avoiding various debt collectors for years, I finally faced my problems and contacted 1st Credit after they’d had numerous unsuccessful attempts at contacting me. I found they were friendly and happy to help me resolve the situation I’d found myself in, leaving me wondering why I’d worried about contacting them in the first place.


They have always been willing to listen and help when things change, I find them supportive and understanding.

I did not feel as if I was a 'nobody' and my financial concerns were my problem alone. The company generally offered help and support for which I was extremely grateful. Sometimes we may all need a helping hand. I hated being in debt but I felt that 1st Credit offered a reassuring hand and helped me over the hump, so to speak.